04 November 2008

Doctor's appointment

I feel better, in many ways, this week, which is a huge praise--thanks to those who have been praying, especially for my nausea, which has subsided!

My doctor, after being somewhat baffled by my ongoing issues, referred me to a reproductive endocrinologist up at OHSU who specializes in endometriosis (which is what we suspect I have). So God willing, she'll be able to tell me more certainly what I have. They may want to do surgery (not major, but still oddly expensive) to confirm--please pray that God would give us wisdom, peace, and grace if that's what's necessary.

We'd also like to be able to reassure MAF with a diagnosis, to confirm that we should come to Candidacy in January...please pray that we would get a diagnosis soon, so our trek toward the mission field can continue!

Thanks, guys!

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