09 November 2008

5K and TWO birthdays!

So, I did my first 5K this weekend in Tualatin! It was a fundraiser that the high school put on for Save Darfur, which goes toward helping people in the Sudan. So it was double incentive--I'm in a "biggest loser" competition with my family, so I've got to stay motivated to exercise!

These were my faithful fans, who patiently waited for me to (slowly) finish! (John, David's dad, is the photographer--but he was there, too!)

This picture is a little goofy--let me explain. I had two goals going into this. 1) To finish (hey, aim low, get results). 2) To run the whole way. My face is reflecting the fact that I had achieved my secret third goal, which was to beat my best practice time--I did by more than a minute! I hadn't dared to hope before, but there it was, and I was pretty darn excited.

A late happy birthday to my dear hubby, who celebrated his 25th on Saturday! I'm glad I get to be married to such an amazing man (and an older man at that). Please live a long time, because I love you (and cake).

And an early happy birthday to our new nephew, John David Harms, who was born today, more than a month before his due date (he's a good Harms already). :) Welcome to the world, you dirty sinner--we love you! Congrats, Mike and Jamie--we love you, too!

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