26 October 2008

Run for Darfur

I just wanted to say that my amazing honey has been training for a 5k in Tualatin on Nov. 8. You are welcome to come cheer her on!!!


  1. Go, Christine! Go! :)

    (...kind of like, "Go, dogs! Go!" Only way cooler. Because it's you. Not multicolored dogs. And because you're way nicer than the dog who refused to say something nice about the other dog's hat.)

  2. Great running outfit! Go Beavs!! :)
    And, way to go Christine!!! I'll be there cheering!

  3. Christine, you are really an inspiration :) We will be there to cheer for you as well. Hope the training continues to go well!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy your race. I will be praying for good weather too.