20 October 2008

My new favorite pastime

This weekend, David pulled out the GPS and we went geocaching! For those who don't know, it's a bit like a treasure hunt...you get GPS coordinates for a box or Tupperware or some kind of container, and then you have to use your GPS to go find it. It's GREAT FUN, and we got a good walk in at the same time. I think David liked it, too. At least, I hope he did, because we're going again this weekend!

Please continue to pray for wisdom for us about where we might be assigned in January...there's a number of options, some more dangerous than others, and we're trying to weigh them carefully (not that we get much say). It's still hard not to be excited and ready to get going! Sigh. January can't come quick enough.

For those following my more recent health developments, I probably go back to the doctor this week. Please pray for wisdom for him and continued good relationship, hopefully heading toward some answers...someday.

Thanks for joining us--we need people who can "strive together" with us, praying for us to stay in the Spirit and not be afraid to follow where God leads.


  1. Geocaching sounds like lots of fun!! Who decides where the container is?

    I'm sure praying for where you end up!

  2. Sounds like fun. Did you go some place beautiful? Find something amazing? :)

  3. It sounds like exciting times indeed. We will be praying!