10 September 2008

First day of subbing...

Well, I got my first subbing call today, before I'd even had breakfast! I showered, threw a few books in my bag, some pens and a granola bar, and flew down there in 30 minutes! It was a kindergarten class, full day, but I only got to stay half--I was plenty tired, even with the half day! Kindergarten, having had less than a week of school...wow. It's exciting--but they were actually pretty good! It was fun.

If you thought first grade was good for funny children quotes, kindergarten is a gold mine:

Funny responses for "What's your name?":
"I'm five."
"That's too hard."
(turns around) "Mom, you tell her."

Student: "You're not Miss R."
Me: "That's right. She's gone today."
Student: "So you're Miss R. now? Do I call you Miss R. still?"

Thanks for your prayers, all!




  1. Thanks for a good laugh...I needed one today! :)

  2. I look forward to reading about your many amusing subbing adventures! :-)

  3. How exciting that you got called! I bet Kindergarten was fun, but tiring! Love the quotes :) Getting a half day sub is pretty good - you get the structure of working and the benefits of having more time to do the other stuff you need to do. Cool!

  4. The quotes were awesome.... :)