20 August 2008


Hesitantly, David admits that today was...(drumroll, please)...a little better! He didn't get lost (hooray!) and he found a checkpoint that people "sometimes don't find." Praise God with us for a "better" day today...we're still not sure if we'll pass, but we're hopeful.

Please pray for:
*David's instrument flight in the simulator tomorrow.
*That we would be a blessing and encouragement to those here in Nampa.
*That we would be patient, not despair, and trust in God for the journey as well as the destination.

We are off to dinner with some folks who kindly offered to take us in! (Woohoo! Free food!)




  1. So glad to hear it went "better." I can tell you everyone's praying!! (And will continue to do so). Hope your dinner was wonderful. :)

  2. That sounds like great news to me! I'm continuing to be cautiously optimistic that you guys will pass with flying colors! :-)

  3. It was wonderful, thanks! Great to hear stories and more about MAF. Thanks for the "cautious optimism"--that's an excellent way to describe it!