19 August 2008

Tuesday at TE: Getting Analyzed...

Today, we drove to Boise to meet with MAF's psychologist. But first, we got to take a fun personality inventory--play along, and answer these true or false...

*I am afraid of spiders.
*Someone is controlling my thoughts.
*I hate my family.
*If I could sneak into a movie without getting caught, I would.
*My mother is a good woman (or if dead) was a good woman.
*Someone is poisoning me.
*I get all the sympathy I deserve.
*If I were a reporter, I'd like to cover sports.
*I like mechanical magazines.
*Fixing a door handle would be satisfying.
*The man is the head of the household.
*I think most people are dishonest.
*I like to cook.

See how fun that was? Only 536 questions like that.

The actual interview was okay...I think enjoyed it more than David did. We'll see what the committee says on Friday.

For now, here's how you can pray:

*Good weather for David's cross-country tomorrow to McCall, Idaho (not windy or thunderstorming).
*A good sleep for us tonight...we have to get up extra early tomorrow.
*That he wouldn't get lost...(he must be worried about that. He always asks for that.)
*For David's health--I've been sick and am trying not to give it to him.
*That God would continue to calm our nerves and hold us close.
*That whatever the outcome on Friday, we would glorify God.

Thanks for the 120 visits to our site last week...you guys are the best.

Love because of Christ,



  1. Sounds like a fun psych test indeed. You are continually in our prayers. Thanks for the update.

  2. Wow, that sure sounded like a fun psych test. : ) I'm sorry you have been sick, Christine. I will pray that you get better soon and that David doesn't get it. I will also be praying for David as he finishes all of his testing!