13 August 2008

Our Third Day

Our Third Day

Despite getting lost on our way to dinner, our day was pretty...well, uneventful (though still stressful). Which when you're being assessed is a really good thing. (Our GPS apparently knew about an invisible Wendy's, since the GPS is never wrong.) David did "okay" on his sheet metal project ("it could have been worse")--which, while now gone, I thought was quite impressive. He had to do some riveting, which he didn't get to do the easy way, but he still did a great job! (Again, my opinion.) He also safety-wired some bolts, which is where you string wire through bolts in such a way that they can't come loose while in flight. Which is important. They're having a hard time coming up with things for me to do, so I worked on my Bible class a lot today.

It's Wednesday, so we also got to attend chapel. We dedicated the new apartments (the ones we might get to stay in--wow, they were pretty spiffy!) and heard from some staff on furlough (a six-month breather from ministry overseas). And it was amazing how much it put things into perspective for me. This isn't about us, passing or failing. It's about God's glory, in our life, here or overseas. It's about spreading the message that Jesus died to make us a family. It's about hope for a hopeless world. It's about the only chance that people have to taste freedom--trusting that a God who loves them had, has, and will have everything under control, including their prison break from sin.

What a great job.

So it was a good day. We are still under stress, but there's light at the end of the tunnel. They're asking him to finish maintenance testing tomorrow, which is good for two reasons. 1) We'll be done with that and know if he passed. 2) He'll get to start flight a day early, on Friday (rather than Monday--we'd still have to take the weekend off, though).

We love you. Thanks for partnering with us to reach people with the really good news of Jesus Christ.

P.S. Our internet is spotty--please forgive us if we can't post every day! We'll try!

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  1. Wow--exciting times!!! You're so right about what's important in life!