11 August 2008

Our First Day

We had our big interview today...it went well. I don't know how David felt, but it was actually less intimidating/stressful than I thought it would be. They mostly asked questions about our history (i.e. our call to missions, how we met and married, etc.) but there were a few questions about other stuff, too.

We asked how they determine where to send their people, and got a pretty good answer. The only slightly hairy part of that answer was that MAF US and MAF International are supposed (that's intended to be skeptical) to be merging sometime in the next year. That's going to bring about new protocol for all kinds of things as they try to make a lot of history/tradition/"This is how We've always done it" attitudes coagulate into something cohesive.

But we've been to Moody, so we're used to change. :)

We got to see the apartments we might move into this week...they're right across the street from the main hangar. And they're beautiful!! I'm not one to covet (okay, so maybe I am), but they were really nice.

So all in all, a good first day. David took three maintenance tests, some open-book and closed-book, as well as a mechancial aptitude test (mostly physics knowledge). They don't tell you how you're doing, of course, but he thinks he's doing okay. We'll see how the rest of the week goes.

As for me, I spent almost all day stapling 1,000 flyers to 1,000 wooden airplanes in plastic packaging. Anything for MAF. :) The bad news is that there's still about 2,500 left. At least I don't have to do it alone!

We love you--thanks for your prayers, they are very much felt and appreciated.


  1. Sounds like a good first day! I'll keep praying!! Lots of people at work today asked how it was going...they're praying too! Love, Mom :)

  2. Thanks for keeping everyone updated! We're thing-of/praying-for you guys often! Love,Dad :-)

  3. May God give you guys peace, rest, and energy! ...You'll need the energy to staple the last 2,500 fliers to the 2,500 airplanes. ;)

    Much love to you both.