14 August 2008

One down...

We found out today that David passed the maintenance portion of his evaluation! We are definitely praising the Lord, but as David says, "That's the easy part."

Please pray for...

*Wisdom and discernment for David's instructor (also, incidentally, named Dave).
*Precision, accuracy, and smoothness for David as he does his first flight tomorrow. "Oh," he says, "and not getting lost." :)
*Retention of his training and studying for the oral and written exams that he takes next week.
*That God's will would be done and his glory increased.

We love you! Thanks for all your loving encouragement, prayer and support.


  1. Congratulations!! :) I'll continue praying!!

  2. Great news! Congratulations! I'm picturing a perfect flight tomorrow! Love, Dad :-)

  3. Yeah! Congratulations indeed! We will be praying now for part two.