18 August 2008

Monday's flight

Although he still wasn't terribly pleased with his flight, he did feel like it went better. He did some mountain flying, but it was pretty windy, which made things tougher. But he said it went: "okay."

Please pray for:
*Patience during our psychologist appointment (when we'd rather he was flying)
*Patience and grace in the waiting to find out how he's doing
*That he would have good wind/weather conditions for his cross-country on Wednesday
*That we would bring God glory in all that we do

Thanks to those who are faithfully praying--we appreciate it more than you know.


  1. I'm definitely praying.
    God does such crazy-cool things through the two of you; I hope you can see that. May you be completely enveloped in His peace as you remember the utterness of His grace.
    I love you guys! (Thanks for keeping us posted...)

  2. I agree with Mary! God is being glorified through both of you as you are being obedient to his call. Thanks for keeping us posted. You are daily in our prayers.

    P.S. Everytime Daniel and I hear a plane or helicopter during the day, we pray for Unca Dave and Aunt Christine.

  3. Maybe the psychological/personality assessment will show how David and Dave are different, explaining some of the flight glitches as "different wavelength" things rather than competency things. (In other words, perhaps the Day of Psyche won't be a total waste of time!) :-)

    I'm praying that the Master of the Psyche (its inventor) will help you actually enjoy the day!

    Love, Dad.