21 August 2008

Happy Anniversary, us...

That's right, David and Christine have been married four great years...it hardly seems that long. We went out this afternoon for a mini-celebration and will find somewhere to have dinner tomorrow night. Thanks to those who wished us a happy anniversary today--it was happy, indeed, even in light of all the stress we're under.

He did his instrument flight in the simulator this morning, and it went "mediocre" (again, his words, not mine).

For now, we are anxiously awaiting the results of our technical evaluation tomorrow...watching the Olympics (like pretty much everybody else). It's a good distraction.

We find out the results of David's flight portion at 11:00 am (mountain time, don't forget), and we find out if we've been accepted to January candidacy at 2:00.

Thanks for your prayers--you're a crucial part of the team! We'll let you know how it goes.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! :) We'll be anxiously awaiting tomorrow....
    Love, Mom

  2. We will send up some additional arrows for you (as in, "arrow prayers")!
    Love, Dad :-)

  3. Yeah to be done! Now just the anxiously waiting part. We will be praying lots for you today as you await the results of all your hard work.

    Love ya lots.

    Mike, Jamie, Daniel, and John