22 August 2008

Good News!

Well, by the grace of God I managed to pass both the flight and maintenance portions of Technical Evaluation. After a rough first day, I apparently did well according to my instructor pilot. I wasn't perfect, but he feels that I have good basic skills and they can work with me during standardization.

Thanks so much for all of your prayers. Our current plans are to do candidacy in January with MAF.


  1. Woohoo! Praise God!! He has shown His faithfulness once again :) We are so proud of you David, both for your success but also for hanging in there after a rough start on Friday. You get the Gold Medal in our eyes! Time to celebrate :) Lots of Love to you both!

  2. Wonderful news!!!! I'm so excited for both of you! God is good! Love you both! :)

  3. We are extremely proud of both of you, this is great news.
    Love, Grandpa & Grandma

  4. Yahoo! Congrats to you both. I hope you were able to celebrate your MAF candidacy and anniversary with a wonderful dinner tonight too.

    We love you both.

  5. Congratulations!