01 August 2008

Another hurdle conquered...

We went in for our physicals last week for MAF. They want to check us out to make sure we don't have some weird ailment before they invest a bunch of time in assessing our technical skills and general personhood. Of course, I have been having some health problems, but that shouldn't keep us off the field, as far as we know.

MAF got our physicals by fax yesterday, so that's another box checked off! We haven't heard exactly which apartment we're staying in yet, but we should hear sometime this week. It might even be one of the new ones--we'd be the first guests to stay there!

As for prayer: one of our wonderful contacts has been Carol Lehman, who's worked like a champ to keep us informed and make sure things run smoothly--please thank God for her! Please also ask God to give us peace, as we are nervous, and help us to stay close together as a couple. David's also been battling a cold, which is adding to his stress, so please pray healing for that. Most of all, please pray that we would bring God glory, whatever else happens, and that God's will would be accomplished.

If you know anyone who might like to pray for our Technical Evaluation, please feel free to let them know about it/remind them that it's coming. Thanks for keeping up with us--your encouragement is fantastic!

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