03 May 2008


As some of you know, we traveled to Canada last weekend to celebrate Marybeth's graduation. One of the perils of travel is always the ones we leave behind. Normally, this is no big deal for us. However, we have recently acquired a fish named George, of whom we are rather fond. My class did an organisms unit, and he was one of the survivors. He's a little camera-shy, but here's the best picture we have. There's debate about whether he's named after George Washington or King George, but either way, he's a special part of the family.

So George survived, and so did we on our whirlwind trip to our neighbors to the north. And thankfully, we remembered our passports, and they hadn't even expired. It was gorgeous weather, as you can see.

This is a park near Marybeth's apartment that we visited.

Only David, who likes to be "alert," noticed that I was taking a picture. The mountains must have distracted them--they were even prettier in person.

David has a bit of camera envy, especially now that Dad has a new lens...so all in all, a good trip! It was nice to just be together and get out of town for a few days. Praise the Lord for a safe trip and that He got Marybeth through college.


  1. You could have added an "Oh" to your posting title: "Oh, Canada!" Then, you could have linked to an MP3 file of you and David singing the Canadian national anthem! :-)

    BTW, it was great making that trek with you guys!

  2. Glad to see you've finally posted a picture of our darling grandfish :) We are looking forward to having him with us in August. He's cute!

  3. Glad to finally see what George looks like!! He's one good looking goldfish and I'm so thankful he survived! Thanks for joining us in Canada...we had a GREAT time!