01 April 2008

Word of the Week and a Birthday Wish

According to my Google webpage, the word of the week is "jollification," which means "merrymaking or revelry." (And no, this is not an April Fool's.) Boy, was there ever a better word to describe Spring Break? I'm really enjoying my week off...I've done a lot of laundry, cleaning, enjoying the sunshine, etc. Hard to believe we had snow just last week!

And I'd just like to say a very Happy Birthday to my nephew, Daniel. You rock, little man. And he looks so pensive in this picture...I often feel that way when I eat cheese.

And David informs me that he has made himself an author on the blog now, so I'll start signing mine for clarity's sake. Any guesses on when his first post will be? Cast your vote--there's a poll on the right!

Much love because of Jesus,



  1. Yay for spring break! :) I hope you're most fully enjoying it.

    (I'm stalking you now on your blog too. Bwa ha ha.)

  2. Thanks for the birthday wish! I am glad that you like cheese too.