19 April 2008

Whether the weather be cold...

So we got a new barbecue, having been deprived apartment dwellers for long enough. We got it last weekend, which was beautiful and sunny. And of course, this weekend, we found ourselves cooking chicken in the snow. In April. In this picture, my dear husband is holding the lid over the coals, so as to shield them from the sleet without smothering them.

What a guy.

Oh, and we only need 24 more flight hours--thanks for all the prayers!! Keep up the good work.


1 comment:

  1. Only 24 hours! That's great! Let's see, one very long day -- a flight starting at 6:00a and ending at 6:00a the following day. Well I suppose add an hour or two for refueling.

    Nah, I'm sure the FAA would frown on that idea. But it worked for Lindberg! ;-)