09 March 2008


A very late prayer letter is headed your way (the observant reader will note that it says "January" at the top...), but only some of the information is outdated. We still need 51 hours before August! But as you can see, that's down from the 80 we needed when I wrote the letter...so there's good news--God is faithful!

Thanks to those who are using SendThemForHim.com--it's a huge blessing to have that money coming in! It paid 25% of our Servant Wings dues last month! So thanks for remembering us when you shop online.

One request is prayers for health--David and I have both been sick. I still have profound hearing impairment in my left ear, and now David's ears are stuffed up, too, which hinders his ability to fly. Please pray that he would be in good health so we can get hours!!

The second request is prayers for our application--we are sending it today! Please pray that God would grant us favor in MAF's eyes, and that most of all, God's will would be done, that we'd know clearly whether he wants us with MAF or not.

Have a wonderful week!

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