12 November 2007

Wow, sorry, folks!

Thanks for your patience--as you can see, working full time has really hurt my faithfulness to the blog! I had my first performance review last week, which went really well, so that's definitely a praise. We're still wondering where David's hours are going to come from, but we're trying to stay somewhat involved with Servant Wings. We need them as much as they need us!
Surviving Halloween was a real step...but my kids are starting to look forward to Thanksgiving now, and I know the Christmas Craziness isn't far behind. Pray for us! I am learning a lot about better teaching techniques and still working on getting my reading program worked out. But I couldn't ask for a better group of 21 kids--they're really great. Most of them aren't Christians, but a few are...please pray for me, that I would show them by my love that Christ is alive and well and king of everything, even if the words must stay inside.

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