27 July 2007

A chance to support us...for free!

Boy, what will they think of next? We found out that there's a way for people to support us without much trouble. It's kind of like Scrip (for those who know what that is...I know one mother who is particularly familiar). It's called Send Them for Him, and it allows you to donate a percentage of your purchase when you shop through the site. They had tons of options: Amazon, iTunes, Shutterfly, Barnes and Noble, Dell, Stamps.com, Staples, Target, Macy's, Babies R Us, Sports Authority, Six Flags, Avon, Drugstore.com and many, many more!

So if you're ordering something online anyway and want to try it out, we'd really appreciate it! Just click on this direct link to our site: http://www.sendthemforhim.com/files/groups/Harms/categories.html
Then just shop away! We'll let you know if it works!!

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